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Business Fitness

Ideas for Activity During Work Hours

Work out before work. Twenty minutes of aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, jogging or swimming, on most days can help you stay alert on the job. It also keeps your heart in tip-top shape.

On the job. During work, use your breaks to exercise. Take a lap around your building. Shoot hoops outdoors. Keep a resistance band or hand weights at work for strength training.

Don't take the shortcut. Work exercise into your normal routine. Walk or bike to work instead of driving. Climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

Find a buddy. Find a co-worker and exercise together. It'll make exercising more fun and will also help keep you motivated.

Working Out While on the Road.  In your hotel room you can do a Super Set, which is a series of exercises to be repeated with no rest.  For the upper body, simply do five to ten pushups, then roll over and rest your pushup muscles by doing ten crunches and continue on with the two different versions of pushups and crunches.  One super set can be accomplished in as little as two minutes.  Repeat this up to 5 times.

Regular exercise and proper nutrition can help an individual feel better, look better and perform at peak capacity.  You can help your employees to experience this.  The result for you?  Happier, more productive employees, stronger corporate morale, and lower health care costs.

Sitting much of the day causes loss of muscle tone due to inactivity.  Here are a few light muscle-strengthening exercises:

  • Stand up and do front lunges 5-10 times
  • Stand in front of your chair and do quarter squats 5-12 times     (act like you are going to sit down)
  • Put your hands on wall and Lean against it, then raise up on your     toes 10-15 times.
  • Stretch often throughout the day.   

Pace while you are on the phone.  Even little steps throughout the day get your blood pumping and helps your circulation.

Take mini-walks-Walk during coffee breaks.  Arrange a walk-and-talk instead of a sit-and-talk meeting.

Climb stairs. Walk at least some of the distance up or down in office buildings.

Park and walk.  Park farther away from the office (or the store when shopping), instead of trying to get as close as possible.                                                                                                                                       

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