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Dog Work Outs

Dog Workouts - Good for Them, Good for You!

Regular Walk

Take your dog to the local park or just walk around your neighborhood.

Resistance Walk

Try to walk your dog on different surfaces like sand, shallow water, fallen leaves, snow or on a rough surface.  Or you can find a friend in a wheelchair and let them be the sled (for large dogs only)!

Enhanced Walk

Use obstacles when you're out walking like benches, trees, ditches and logs for your dog to jump over, crawl under or balance on.  Take your dog on a hike with your family.


Throwing a ball, toy or Frisbee is great exercise for your dog, and you can make him work harder by doing it on a hillside or stairs.  Don't throw sticks, though, as they can splinter and cause injury.

Hide and Seek

Hide a toy or some kibbles and let your dog find it.

Swimming or hydrotherapy

Ideal for dogs with arthritis or back problems.  Ask your veterinarian about hydrotherapy.

Obstacle Courses

Set up low hurdles (use a broom stick across two objects), tunnels (available from pet shops or use cardboard boxes) and a slalom course (objects set one yard apart) to exercise your dog.

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