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DA's office wants to talk to Stuart Irby

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Hinds County District Attorney's office wants to talk to Jackson businessman Stuart Irby about the deadly car crash he was in earlier this year.

Irby, through his attorney, refuses because of head injuries he suffered in the collision. So, Assistant DA Patrick Beasley has filed a motion to force Irby to give testimony under oath as soon as possible and preserve it for later use.

In the motion, Beasley says, "The state fears that unless immediate steps are taken by the court, this information may be lost due to the severe head trauma and/or other injuries that were sustained by Mr. Irby on February 11, 2009."

Irby's wife, Karen, was driving the late model Mercedes that smashed into a pickup truck, killing two doctors, Daniel Pogue and Lisa Dedousis.

Karen Irby is charged with two counts of depraved heart murder and the aggravated assault of her husband, Stuart Irby.

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