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Brick made to withstand hurricane force winds

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SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - It's a brick made to withstand, among other things, hurricane force winds.

Aeonian Brick Homes has an exclusively licensed chemical which makes the brick waterproof, said company CEO Don Blalock.

After working for two years at a home restoration company, Blalock realized water was consistently the cause of damage in homes.

"It totally amazed me some of the things that I saw in the two year period," he said. "Fires, hurricanes, vandalism and everything else that's covered by your policy is only 30% of the claims they receive every year."

Blalock spent the last six years developing what he now calls Aeonian brick. 

"No gypsum will have to be mined. Many of the things that go into a home today that can cause health issues will be eliminated," he said of his product, which is made of clay found in the Lowcountry.

"Water will still invade the brick, but it will do no damage to it," he said. "The chemist told us that this is a 50,000 year process, that for the next 5,000 years that clay will not absorb any water."

The brick has gone through certified testing which shows it can withstand the pressure of more than 240 mile per hour winds, Blalock said.

"Should a hurricane hit in the future and one of our homes goes right through the eye of the hurricanes, if it is untouched and undamaged that will be living proof to everybody that this is the way to build forever," he said.

As for price, building a home with his bricks won't cost more than building a home with traditionally made bricks, he said.

Next week, the bricks will also be earthquake tested.

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