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COPY-Texting while driving video is new internet sensation

A powerful new video has become an internet sensation. It's designed to send a message about texting while driving.   

The haunting video, a dramatization, comes from the Gwent Police Department in Britain, and is aimed at kids.

The kids get into crash and a driver named "Cassie" survives. But the accident she causes kills four people.

Texting-while-driving is a global problem crossing every age group.

Here in the U-S, 25 died and more than 100 were injured after a Los Angeles train engineer ran a signal, seconds after texting.

In San Antonio, a texting bus driver failed to notice traffic had stopped.

While the government doesn't yet track the number of auto accidents involving texting or e-mailing, a recent Virginia Tech study found the risk of collision jumps 23 times while texting.

NTSB Chairman Debbie Hersman watched the British PSA.

"I think it was very graphic and very frightening. But unfortunately we see it with 40,000 fatalities every year - those are people that don't come home"  says Hersman.

17 states and DC now ban texting-while-driving. Seven states ban handheld cell phones.

Next month, the Transportation Department will hold a summit to deal with all forms of distracted drivers.

"We all know that texting-while driving is dangerous and i promise we're going to do something about it" says Ray Lahood, Secretary of Transportation.

Meanwhile, American parents are now turning to a public service announcement in Britain to make an impression on american teens.

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