Fire Safety Press Release from State Fire Marshal's Office - - Jackson, MS

Fire Safety Press Release from State Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Marshal's Office Sounds the Alarm on Campus Fire Safety

September declared Campus Fire Safety Month

September 17 th declared Campus Fire Safety Day

JACKSON - State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney, the State Fire Marshal's Office, the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges, the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools and various private colleges and universities are sounding the alarm about campus fire safety during September, which has been declared Campus Fire Safety Month in Mississippi by Governor Haley Barbour. The Governor has also declared September 17, 2009 as Campus Fire Safety Day in Mississippi.

They will all be participating in various activities during the entire month of September in an extensive fire safety campaign. The goal of the campaign is to promote campus fire safety knowledge on all campuses in Mississippi, from kindergarten through college.

"The youth of Mississippi are some of this state's most valuable resources," Chaney said. "The fire safety knowledge students need to learn and practice now will teach them how to protect themselves from fire while at school, and later they will carry these messages with them when they grow older and move away from home."

Within the past five years, there have been six college campus fires in Mississippi. There have been three on-campus fire related deaths and an additional death in an office campus fire involving a full-time student. Over 80 percent of campus related fires occur in off-campus housing such as rented houses and apartments. These occupancies often lack automatic fire sprinklers or have missing or disabled smoke alarms.

Among the activities and events planned for the month include:

  • A State Fire Marshal Campus Fire Safety Tour - Fire marshals will be distributing information at the following campuses:
  1. September 1 -J ackson State University
  2. September 8 - University of Mississippi
  3. September 10 - Delta State University
  4. September 15 - Mississippi State University
  5. September 17 - Millsaps College
  6. September 22 - Pearl River Community College
  7. September 24 - University of Southern Mississippi
  • September 17, 2009 - Campus Fire Safety Day - on this day the State Fire Marshal's Office is asking all campuses to conduct a state-wide fire drill and to hold fire safety assemblies or programs
  • Public service announcements - will be run on public and school radio stations throughout the month, and will be made at sporting events and school activities
  • A special Campus Fire Safety Month web page will appear on the Mississippi Insurance Department website at
  • Posters have been created for distribution to schools and are available for download on the Campus Fire Safety Month web page
  • Twitter -Students can follow the campaign and get fire safety messages on at
  • Facebook -Students can get fire safety messages from the Mississippi State Fire Marshal on Facebook

For more information on Campus Fire Safety Month, contact the Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office at 1-888-648-0877.

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