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Jackson City Council discusses Melton's legal fees

By Bert Case - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Jackson City Council has again put off making a decision about whether to pay state court legal fees for Marcus Wright and Michael Recio. The late mayor Frank Melton's circuit court legal fees are also in the city council plan, being pushed by Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

The council has already voted once on the legal fees issue, but it was a tie vote.

A lack of legal information on what the next action would be, caused them to put off another vote.

"You know anytime you have these kinds of issues, there can always be roadblocks placed in your way. So what we have to do is just jump over these road blocks and get ready to get this voted upon. It's not dead yet. And as long as it's not dead, it has a chance to pass" said councilman Kenneth Stokes.

The council also commended Deputy Police Chief Gerald Jones for his role in talking a 23 year old man out of committing suicide in Vicksburg last week.

"No mention of this made in the paper. It was sort of an act of God. But it is good work. This young man was talked out of taking his life. It just shows you the kind of training we have at JPD and also our willingness to help our neighbors, when they need help, so I just wanted to recognize you and say thank you Chief" said Mayor Harvey Johnson

Jackson Police Chief Tyrone Lewis was also commended for a reverse sting drug operation in the capital city.

The council is expected to re-visit the issue of paying legal fees for the two former police officers, who agreed to plead guility to minor charges in federal court.

The duplex on Ridgeway Street, which was destroyed in what was supposed to be a drug raid, still has not been repaired.

Mayor Johnson also passed out proposals for a new trash pick up contract, for the council members to study. One of the proposals would eliminate loose leaf pickup.

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