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Jackson, MS 10/30/2009

Jackson #11 out of forty strongest U.S. Metro economics

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

Glowing news about the capital city. Businessweek magazine has ranked the City of Jackson number 11 in the country when it comes to it's economic soundness. This, as many areas across the nation struggle to get out of the recession.

Unemployment is rising in many states and banks are still taking possession of American homes. Yet some areas have managed to stay relatively 'recession' free. Businessweek says the state capital's job market has remained relatively strong largely because of it's government, hospitals and educational institutions.

Ben Allen, President of the Downtown Jackson Partners says outside investors are taking note. We posed this question. "Everybody's experiencing tough times, we are not recession proof are we? "Yes," according to the business leader. "Essentially our employers are government, the medical industry and education and those are all growing. Every school, university and college is expanding. Government never gets smaller and so we are essentially a recession proof economy." 

Allen pointed to numerous national articles. "This is the 4th major article that has come out in a major magazine. In March we had one in Fortune magazine. Then we had Spirit magazine by Southwest Airlines, then CNN Money ranked us 11th best place to start a business two weeks ago in a medium sized city and now the Businessweek article came out ranking us 11th in the whole country.

Allen says this new national ranking does not surprise him at all. But admits the city is not bullet proof.

The business leader says Jackson will change dramatically in the next three years with new development. Texas flaunted the best economic muscle.  According to Businessweek San Antonio was at the top of the 40 metro cities list and Texas had five metros in the top ten.

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