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"I Will Not" Movement helps kids with decision making

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - There are all kinds of distractions for children today, many of them destructive. But there is a new movement in Jackson teaching kids they are capable of making the right choices.

Timothy Luckett is the founder of the "I Will Not" movement.

He was at Chastain Middle School to talk with the female students about their choices in life.

"I will not is about empowering people to take authority over their lives. Sometimes we let issues and situations distract us. I will not is a constant reminder that we don't have to accept whatever is thrown at us," said Luckett.

Those choices range from positive relationships to the kinds of music students choose.

"The message that its giving them or that they may be receiving from the music, how once that goes in it has to come out in some form or fashion. And what we like to do is teach the kids not what to think or how to think, but just think," said Prevention Consultant, Sharon Sims.

This is how the "I Will Not" program works:

"Say your I will not is: I will not use foul language. So you start out with a wristband on your right wrist. If you mess up you have to take the wristband off and put it on your left wrist. Okay then you journal why did I do this, what was going on in my life, what did I find out about myself," explained Luckett.

One of the organizers here says it is time for men to step up to the plate to reach out to children in the community.

"It feels good to see a man get up on the stage and to tell these girls hey look, you don't have to listen to these messages that they're sending out there to you, you don't have to be degraded anymore, that you are more than just a piece of meat. And that you have a purpose and that's what his purpose was here today to help them appreciate that they have a purpose and they have a destiny," says Sims.

Luckett says he hopes children and adults will hold on to their dreams and watch out for dream killers.

The idea is for participants to maintain their "I Will Not" pledge for 21 consecutive days.


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