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River Walk proposal for Jackson

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By Bert Case - bio | email

It is a project first proposed in the Dale Danks administration in the late 1970's, but as Danks puts it "I didn't get to stay in office long enough to do it."

Now, developer David Watkins, using a variation of the original proposal wants to create a 35 acre  Lake South of downtown that would be used to control the level of a man made town creek, so Jackson could have a River Walk like so many other cities.

 So you make town creek into a man made ditch. That's right, absolutely. You control the rise and fall of it by this man made lake you have got. Yeah, our engineering studies have now proven to us that this is manageable, and this is feasible and it is not cost prohibitive.

Watkins briefed the Lt. Governor and speaker of the house on the project Monday morning and spent the rest of Friday meeting with engineers on the project the afternoon. 

The president of Downtown Jackson Partners Ben Allen thoroughly supports the concept. 

"Do I think it will work? I don't know, but the engineers say heck yeah it'll work. Two sets of engineers say heck yeah, it will work," said Watkins.

Watkins estimates the cost at somewhere between $50 and $200 million dollars, and the says it will pay for itself.

It will pay for itself. It will pay for itself. It would be easier with the the so called Two Lake plan for Pearl River flooding, but Watkins says it can still be built without two Lakes which the Corps Of Engineers has rejected.

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