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Mother and daughter robbed at gunpoint

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) –A mother and daughter, experiencing car trouble on a busy Jackson street, are lucky to be alive.

Stranded and at their most defenseless, they were approached by strangers who didn't come to help but instead rob them.

Sunday morning Trinincer Craft and her 11-year old daughter Chardonae were robbed at gunpoint.

Just after seven o'clock, while driving down Northside Drive her car stalled.

"You see somebody in distress, why would you try to rob them?" asked Craft.

She pulled onto a vacant lot near the intersection at Livingston Road then waited for her boyfriend to arrive.

While sitting inside, she suddenly noticed a new black Chevrolet Impala enter the parking lot and drive in a circle.

"It sped toward my car at an angle and I told my daughter, I said 'They're fixing to rob us', because it didn't seem right. So before the car could stop, the passenger got out of the car and pointed a pistol at the passenger's side window where my daughter was sitting," said Craft.

The man in a brown ski mask demanded a purse, money and any valuables, all while pointing the gun at her daughter's head.

"We saw them come through the parking lot, but we didn't know they were going to rob us. My mother was crying, and they told her to take off her rings. I was trying to help her get them off," said Chardonae Craft, who attends Powell Middle School.

The Crafts said they took a computer, camcorder with the last video of her recently deceased mother and a digital camera and jewelry.

"All of a sudden he ducked down by my back tire and I couldn't see what because I'm focused on trying to get the rings off so he won't shoot my child, because I felt he was gonna shoot here. So when I looked through my rear view mirror I could see a police car turn," said the angry and shaken mother.

Craft said that frightened the thieves who fled.

She then flagged down the officer.

According to Craft,the officer told her she saw the man when she rode by, but she thought he was changing her tire.

Jackson Police spokesman Officer Joseph  Daughtry said Craft did the right thing by cooperating.

"She gave the robber what he demanded and no material thing is worth her losing her life or her daughter's life.  The report will be followed up by a detective in the early part of this week," said Daughtry.

 What upsets the Jackson native is most is that the gunman aimed at her child and took advantage of a stranded mother and daughter.

Craft said she was unable to get a license plate number and could not see the faces of the robbers because they wore ski masks.

But she said she won't be so vulnerable in the future.

"Tomorrow I plan on going to get me a pistol. You know it will be a whole different thing," added Craft.

Jackson police recommend that if you purchase a gun for protection that you first take gun safety classes before you attempt to use the weapon.

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