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Missing show dog found

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A show dog, missing in Pearl since last Saturday night, has been found alive.

The nine month old Smooth Fox Terrier, named Joker, had jumped over a fence and escaped. The dog was found under the home of Mildred Walters at 2108 Loyd Street, near where he had gotten away from the Motel Six in Pearl.  She will get a $500 reward.

 Another person had kept the dog last Sunday night, but did not know the story of the show dog escaping, and when he took Joker outside, he took off again.  But Mildred Walters heard him whimpering this morning and called his owner Carrie Snavely, who is from Denver.  She was thrilled beyond words to have her dog back.  She immediately took dog to a vet, Dr. Scott Leber of Pearl, who x-rayed the dog's right front paw and found out the paw was not broken.

Carrie Snavely praised the people of Pearl for helping her be reunited with her dog. 

"We are just so happy, has been un-believeably good to us. We've had calls from everybody, and concern saying god bless you, and it made a miracle happen, said Snavely.

Joker and her owner are on their way back to Denver.  He was judged the best Smooth Fox Terrier male in the Magnolia Classic Dog Show this past Saturday.

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