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Man-Eating Pugs

PAPILLION, NE (NBC) - Two tiny dogs are up for adoption after eating their owner.

The pugs, Harry and Sally, spent two weeks in a Papillion, Nebraska home after their 51-year-old owner apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police don't suspect foul play.

A neighbor noticed there were no tracks in the snow from the home and called police last week.

Officers found the man dead and determined that his pets had no dog food, forcing them to eat his corpse to survive.

The pugs were turned over to the Nebraska Humane Society.

"There was not any actual evidence that we saw that there was blood or tissue anywhere on the dogs," said director of animal welfare Denise Gurss.

The man lived alone and a neighbor said they didn't see him often.

The pugs seemed to be the man's only companions.

The Humane Society will take ownership of the two pugs if the dead owner's family doesn't claim them by Wednesday.

The dogs are being examined, tested and will have up-to-date vaccinations.

"They are well adjusted, adoptable animals," said the Humane Society's Greg Bichel.

"They're happy to have someone around them who wants to touch them," said Gurss. "They were thrilled to get a bath, jump up and kiss faces and see people. So I think they are going to be just fine."

The Humane Society plans to adopt Harry and Sally together as a pair.

Any new owner will be informed of how the dogs were forced to survive.

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