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Jackson Mother Fights For Justice

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By Maggie Wade - bio| email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A Jackson mother is fighting for justice. Her 27 year old son was murdered in Alabama in May. The man who has been indicted is an Alabama police officer who was off duty. Deborah Dixon says her greatest fear now is her son's killer will get away with murder.

It is hard for Deborah Dixon to hold back the tears. Her 27 year old son Broderick graduated from Forest Hill High School with his twin Roderick. They both went to college in Alabama. Broderick was working as a computer engineer. The last time she saw him alive was this past Mother's Day.

"I would have never thought that Mother's Day would have been my last day seeing my son alive," Dixon said.

Dixon says two Jackson homicide detectives came to her home to tell her about her son's death May 22nd.

"And I went to the door and they told me that my son had gotten killed but I didn't know how my son had gotten killed," said Dixon.

This man, 22 year old Chevis Raymond Finley is a member of the Brighton, Alabama police department. He was indicted by a grand jury for Dixon's death. Witnesses say Dixon was trying to get into his truck to leave an apartment complex when Finley drove up and opened fire on the truck. Finley was apparently enraged that Dixon was talking with a woman who he was involved with.

"Once my son ran he gunned him down, he shot him in the foot, shot him in the thigh, then shot him in the left lung to the heart. Broderick could not run. Then he turned around after he killed him, we kept wondering why he had that big gash in his head. The police officer hit him in the head with his police pistol," Dixon said.

To add to the family's grief Dixon says her son's accused killer was released from jail on just 75 thousand dollars bail. At a hearing December 4th he pleaded not guilty and remains free on bond.

"I don't think that's right that he should be out of jail before I could bury my son," said Dixon.

Dixon has sent out dozens of certified letters to Alabama officials pleading with them to set higher bonds for murder cases. In researching the laws she has found Alabama's codes on bail amounts have not changed since 1975.

"And I feel like that if you supposed to serve and protect I don't think he should be out walking the streets at all," said Dixon.

Finley's trial is scheduled to begin the week of April 12, 2010 in Alabama.

We contacted the office of Carlos Gonzalez the Deputy District Attorney in Birmingham who is handling this case. We were told he is out sick. Chevis Finley has been suspended from the Brighton Police Department. Mrs. Dixon now hopes to set up a foundation in her son's memory to help other families.

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