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Juvenile arrested in connection with 14 year old's murder

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

Police have one suspect in custody linked to the murder of a south Jackson teenager.

Jackson police have arrested a 17-year-old in the shooting death of 14-year-old Martraz Hollins. The arrest was based on anonymous tips. Kendrick Claiborne is charged with accessory after- the- fact to murder of a 14- year old south Jackson teenager and the shooting of his brother.

Friday A grandmother clings to memories. A mother is too distraught to talk. Siblings of Hollins grieve after seeing their brother gunned down in cold blood, on a cold rainy night. Martraz Hollins had just turned 14, 12 days ago. Family members tell us a feud that began two months ago in school escalated into senseless violence Thursday night. "My grandsons was standing on the sidelines. When he started shooting. He didn't move fast enough so he got shot. Two of them got shot," according to Derry Stapleton.

They say it began when a group of teenagers called their home, making threats. Then showed up outside looking for trouble. We are told as Martraz's older brothers and the group of teenagers fought in the street. Someone went to a car and pulled out a gun. His 16- year old brother Christopher Gilmore was shot but survived the attack. "I hope they do come to justice because that was wrong for them to shoot the youngest one out of everybody the smallest one, I really think it was weak of them," replied Gilmore. 

Meanwhile, all are distraught over what they call a senseless killing. "I just wish the young folks would realize that guns is not the answer. They need to start working things out a different way. They don't need to be trying to kill each other,." cried the grandmother as she shook her head in dismay. 

Jackson Police say this is  an on-going investigation and more arrests are expected.

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