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"Jim Henson's Fantastic World" opens at MS Museum of Art

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The creator of one of the longest running children's shows spent his childhood years right here in Mississippi.

And today, a Jim Henson exhibit opened at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

"Jim Henson's Fantastic World" takes visitors beyond his Sesame Street characters to some of his earliest sketches and puppets.

Henson attended the University of Maryland, and his puppets first appeared on TV in 1954.  They slowly grew in popularity.

He went on to create "The Muppet Show" and several movies featuring the muppets.

Henson was born in Greenville, Mississippi.  "He grew up as a kittle kid playing on Deer Creek, exploring creatures and nature," says Betsy Bradley, Museum Director.  "His dad was a scientist, so it makes perfect sense that he would create something like Kermit and Miss Piggy."

"Jim Henson's Fantastic World" runs in conjunction with Mississippi Public Broadcasting's puppetry exhibit at the Museum of Art in Jackson.  You can catch the exhibits until March 14th.

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