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Rentals could make traveling with kids easier, cheaper

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SAN DIEGO, CA (NBC) - Two moms played with their young children on a Monday afternoon. Besides sharing a play date, these two women also share a business.

"We have cribs. We have strollers. We have bouncers. We have high chairs," said Genevieve Koesling, of Travel Babees.

Koesling's living room is filled with the tools of their profession. The two women are part of a growing industry of baby equipment rentals. A business that caters to out-of-town travelers and local grandparents.

"Having two kids and traveling to Hawaii or Arizona is difficult to bring a stroller, to bring a pack and play to bring a car seat," said Tracy Chin, of Travel Babees.

So Chin and her franchise Travel Babees offers a variety of items for San Diego vacationers from baby swings to bouncers and much more.

"You want to go on vacation and have a good time and if you're child is not happy, you're not gonna have fun," said Koesling.

Renting can make economic sense. A jogging stroller can be $800 to a $1,000, but it can be rented for about $10 a day.

"A full size crib is $12 a day and then a standard stroller is $7 a day," said Koesling.

Before children these two entrepreneurs a corporate exec and school teacher. Now they're business partners with a boardroom of toddlers.

"We're two moms supporting each other and we couldn't do it without each other," said Koesling.

Travel Babees has several franchise locations throughout the country. For more information, visit

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