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Christmas Shoppers Exceed Dismal Expectations

By David Kenney - bio | email

Despite the economy, local retailers say this holiday season wasn't a total wash out.

Heavy traffic has been reported over the last few days at metro shopping areas, and many store owners here in the metro say they've met or exceeded their sales goals so far this Christmas.

Local malls are also reporting pretty good traffic. They say the peak was on Black Friday.

Since then many stores have been offering weekly sales, and door busters on the weekends in an attempt to draw customers back in.

Big ticket items like TV's are also selling well, which is mainly due to the fact they've become more affordable in the last year.

Con Maloney of Cowboy Maloney's Electric City says, "The amount of merchandise we've sold has actually exceeded what we were anticipating however we bought extra inventory hoping for a really big year we still have a lot of it available, the other side of it is the prices are so much lower this year than they were last year on the same products so it takes a lot more sales to generate the same amount of money."

Many people we talked to who were out shopping say they've become bargain hunters since the economy hit.

A lot of these people are doing a lot of looking before they make their purchase, trying to get the lowest price possible.

That's benefited consumers because retailers now are competing more than ever for their money, and are having to drop prices to do so.

Web retail sales are also looking up.  Retailers report sales rose 24 percent last Friday and Saturday, from where they were last year.

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