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National Poll Ranks Strictest States

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NEW YORK, NY (WLBT) - A national poll out has determined the country's strictest state.

Over a nine week period over 72,000 votes were cast from participants across the nation.

America's strictest state poll tracked American's feedback on typical problematic teenage behavior and how lenient or strict parents' punishment should be according to CMT's world's strictest parents online poll Arkansas is the strictest state.

Top 10 strictest states:

1. Arkansas
2. Alaska
3. Delaware
4. Montana
5. New Hampshire
6. Rhode Island
7. Georgia
8. Mississippi
9. West Virginia
10. New Mexico

Top 10 most lenient:

1. South Dakota
2. Maryland
3. Nebraska
4. Hawaii
5. Idaho
6. Kentucky
7. North Dakota
8. Wyoming
9. Iowa
10. Wisconsin

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