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Viewer's react to UMC employee asked to resign

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JACKSON, MS -- After a UMC employee is asked to resign for posting a comment to Governor Barbour's Twitter account, viewer's react to the controversy surrounding this story.

One viewer left a comment and said:

"Isn't anyone concerned that someone within the hospital or the governor's office spent a great deal time and energy (and tax payer resources) tracking down this girl to get her in trouble for calling out his poor choices for spending government resources?"

Another viewer said:

"Because she worked for a health care facility, she was subject to HIPPA laws. At my clinic, we have HIPPA training every year and sign off that we understand the HIPPA laws."

While shopping with her daughter, Brandon resident, Sarah White said she didn't think the Governor behaved responsibly in contacting UMC prior to this comment.

"She should've been able to keep her job. it's hard enough this time of year as it is. and I think that he was wrong," White said.

Meanwhile, Hinds County Representative Cecil Brown said he see's both sides and thinks Carter and Barbour to some extent were both at fault.

"She made a mistake, I think the Governor made a mistake. I suspect the University Medical Center did not make a mistake following their own policies. But I hope they have a procedure where they reconsider and maybe put her on probation," Brown said.

The controversy first began when Governor Barbour tweeted about looking forward to Mississippi legislature's idea on cutting down state expenses.

In a direct response to Barbour, Carter says she was exercising her right to free speech and said, "Schedule regular medical exams like everyone else instead of paying UMC employees over time to do it when clinics are usually closed."

This comment was made about the Governor getting a routine medical exam several years ago, where Carter says a few of her employee's told her about this incident.

The Governor's office responded by contacting the compliance office at UMC where they asked Carter to resign in violation of HIPPA laws after posting this comment. 

 Ashley Conroy, WLBT.

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