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Jackson woman angered by police dispatch treatment

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By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A Jackson mother said her son was assaulted nearly three weeks ago and when the attacker returned she called police, but dispatch claimed to have no record of the initial complaint.

Earnestine Hazley believes her son's attack with a wooden piece of fence led to someone throwing a brick into her windshield and her complaint with police dispatch.

"He hit him with it and ran, laughing about it," said Hazley.

 On the morning of December third Gregory Hazley was in his yard on Roosevelt Street while a group of young men stood in the street watching the assault.

"They were like 'Chris is crazy. Oh he's gonna hit you' and as soon as I came out, the boy was trying to look for something to grab to wrap me with, but he had grabbed the board when he hit me. He hit me with the board and took off running," said Gregory Hazley.

His mother then called 911.

"Chris Green, that's the boy's name. That's who he got into it with. Later on that night about 12:30 we came to the door and my window was busted out, so that's when I decided to go downtown and press charges," said Earnestine Hazley.

The Jackson woman said the responding officer was helpful and told her to call back if she saw the attacker.

This past Saturday she said she saw him and called J.P.D. dispatch.

According to Hazley, the dispatcher was rude, said there was no report on the incident and didn't get any information.

"She didn't ask me anything. It sounded like she didn't want to be bothered," said Hazley.

The 42 year old said she now fears more than a thrown brick.

J.P.D. spokesman Officer Joseph Daughtry said, "Until she files an official complaint with the department there is nothing we can do to help resolve the situation. She can call communications, leave her information and ask for Commander Rick Seavey. He will then investigate her complaint."

Daughtry added that if a citizen's complaint is unresolved they can first contact the officer or employee's supervisor and then the precinct commander.

Hazley said she's concerned that the attacker is still on the streets and that the dispatcher didn't seem to care.

"I felt like I wasn't treated right, wasn't taken serious," added the Jackson resident.

Hazley is now considering filing an official complaint.

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