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Weather system not as strong as predicted

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  The weather system that moved across Mississippi on Christmas eve was expected to be a lot worse than it actually was.  

 It basically fell apart here in the central part of the state as it crossed the Mississippi River.

The storm moved in from the west at mid-morning Thursday and was with Mississippi most of the day. 

 It caused some water problems delaying traffic, but the real heavy thunderstorms expected, and severe weather anticipated, just did not materialize.  

As the squall line got to the Mississippi River, it started falling apart. 

 We asked Al Gerard, meteorologist in charge of the Jackson office of the National Weather Service why that happened.

"The storm just came in a lot faster than we were anticipating.  The better moisture that was feeding the system when it was producing tornadoes in Louisiana, just didn't come with the storm, luckily as they came over the state," he explained.

Gerard show us on the sophisticated radar system at the National Weather Service how the worst of the storm went to the south.

 "As the storms came in, they outran where the better moisture was, as you can see down here in southern Mississippi, there are still some pretty intense storms where the moisture is better," said Gerard. 

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