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Travel delays at Jackson International Airport

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Delays at the Jackson International Airport caused problems for some travelers Thursday. Weather caused travel problems for both people coming in and out of Jackson.

"We were supposed to arrive to San Jose around 5 today, but now it's like around 9," said Jackson resident David Pham.

Meanwhile, others traveling across the country couldn't seem to make it out on time.

"Trying to get outta here as soon as possible. Gotta make it to LA," said Atlanta resident David Pham.

One Jackson resident, Stacey Hynum was waiting on her 14-year-old daughter to get into town.

After the airport told her that her daughter's flight got delayed in Dallas, Hynum said it could be until Christmas day before she gets to see her daughter.

"That it was overbooked. And they may have her on standby for 10 o'clock pm tonight. And if that doesn't go through then she has to wait til tomorrow," Hynum said.

In the meantime, airport officials are asking that travelers have patience, and if a flight is delayed or canceled to keep checking the status before heading out to the airport.

"Just to be patient and wait that the planes are coming in. Because if there is a delay or cancellation the airlines will definitely try to accommodate them," said Jackson International Airport customer service representative," Cynthia McDaniel.


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