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Ester Davis spends Christmas in new home

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By David Kenney - bio | email

In the past year one story that has sparked interest among our viewers is that of 88-Year-Old Ester Davis.

She was found living in horrible conditions in rural Scott county last July. That led to a grass-roots effort to build her a new house, which was recently completed.

From coast to coast, the donations began rolling in after we featured Ester Davis's plight. Sixty thousand dollars later, she's spending her first Christmas in her new home.

Davis says, "I know it was a work from god that's why I had to wait so long to get what I got but I spent two years of praying and getting people to pray with me in order for god to give me but I wasn't thinking he was gonna build me no house."

Davis remains humble and content in her new home. The appliances and furniture all donated to make it complete.

It's a drastic improvement from her old home that was crumbling around her, where she spent winter nights sleeping on a couch, with no indoor plumbing, or heat.

"It's a better condition, I ain't in the same shape I was.  I didn't know that house was in that bad a shape till they took the picture when I seen them pictures I knew exactly just how it was.  I think how blessed it is for it to be gone cause that thing could have fell in on me while I'm laying up there sleep."

 James Crain who spear-headed the fundraiser for the new home, spent Christmas morning visiting Ester. He has a new-found faith, in the compassion of the human spirit.

"It's just amazing that people still care for somebody in need, enough to give that much money," says Crain.

Ester Davis plans to spend Christmas with her children and 25 grandchildren. Of course this year, she's hosting the festivities. She's hoping her story, will inspire others facing poverty to never give up hope.

 There was still six thousand dollars left over after Ester's house was built. That money will be used to pay her power and gas bill over the next few years.

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