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Shoppers eye after Christmas bargains

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Shopping, buying or just simply looking - all on the day after Christmas. Shoppers are looking for those half price deals.

Shopper, Kay Martin said she was " Just trying to get some of the Christmas items that are on sale, 50% off."

"We just arrived, so we're getting what's left. You know all the die-hards were out here early in the morning, so we're just kinda slow today," said shopper Bruce Bunger.

And for store managers opening the doors up early. To weather the shopping storm is exactly what they had in mind.

"Had probably about 25 or 30 people waiting at the door this morning trying to get these gifts cards used and a few of the early morning exchanges," said Rick Courtney of Best Buy.

"Today as you can see, we've got a tremendous amount of traffic over in the seasonal area. This morning we opened up with about 100 guests," said Rusty Crosslin with Target.

Aside from all the seasonal goods and with shoppers picking and choosing, others came to shop for their families.

Jason Goree, a shopper said, "(I) go out shop for my 2-year-old, find him some games, toys and hopefully find, like I said, great deals in this economy."

"Actually we came because we were doing most of our shopping for the kids and we tried to come out and browse a little for ourselves", said Monique Smith, shopper.

And for retailers like Target they said the economy may have been down this year, but overall, their sales are up.

"Sales have been phenomenal compared to last year we've seen some significant increases," Crosslin added.

With clearance racks and prices sliced in half, this is a bargain shopper's dream come true.

"Because I'm cheap, I'm tight you know (and honest?) Well, yeah sure," added shopper Bruce Bunger.

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