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New York woman helps with naptime cooking.

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NEW YORK, NY (NBC) - A New York woman is using the web to help busy moms and dads. She's created a website that gives tips on cooking healthy, homemade meals for your kids and family... and all you need is naptime.

For many parents, naptime is free time. But that doesn't necessarily mean enough time to do things, like prepare a gourmet meal.

"I love to cook and bake," says Kelsey Banfield. "It's always been my hobby."

When her daughter Daphne was born, Banfield's hobby quickly took a backseat. "As a parent, you do everything on the fly. There's not one person I know who hires a babysitter so they can cook."

Now she's finding a new way to maximize those precious naptime minutes. She's created a website called It's full of tips for parents outlining how to utilize their child's naptime to prepare dinner.

"I was telling my friends at play group, the other night I made eggplant lasagna, and they looked at me like I was crazy," said Banfield. 

She shows us how to make homemade butternut squash ginger soup with a hint of apple cider. It's an old family recipe, modified a bit to make it easier for harried moms or dads. "I try to keep the ingredients simple. The simpler they are, the less expensive they are, and the healthier they are. You really have to learn how to juggle it. And that happened to me, I had just gotten married and was cooking for two and having so much fun, and then you have a baby."

And now she's having fun with her hobby, naptime cooking for three.

If you would like the recipe for butternut squash ginger soup, you can log onto Banfield's website at

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