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Yazoo City homes burn

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The New Year's celebration will be somber for a Yazoo City family.  Fire destroyed both of their trailer homes Wednesday evening.

It happened on East 14th Street off Jerry Clower Boulevard next to the Pizza Hut in Yazoo City.

All that's left of 977 and 979 East 14th Street are burnt out shells. One of the trailer homes was fully engulfed in flames when Yazoo City firefighters arrived. Three adults and one child lived in the trailers.

Yazoo City Fire Marshall Kenny Lewis said, "Both trailers are a total loss." That's the bad news.

The good news: "Everybody got out. It was one occupant in the house at the time when the fire; when she exited. Her daughter lived in the trailer right next door to her and she alerted her and got her out as well; her and her little son." said Lewis.

Harold Dees says his older brother Jerry Dees and his family lived in the trailers.

"All of them's fine. It was a real blessing. It really was. The Lord was working with them and all and everything worked out to the good tonight." said Dees.

There will be an investigation to determine the exact cause, but Harold Dees believes he already knows.

Said Dees,"I think it's electrical fire because his wife said she heard something like a pop and the light flicker and she went back toward the back of the trailer and she said she could see the fire started burning, so that's when they called 911 and got the fire department over here and they come and done what they've done which they've done a good job."

Jerry Dees and his family lost their homes tonight, but they won't be homeless.

For now, his younger brother, Harold, says they can stay with him.  

Harold Dees says his brother's family lost everything and he gave WLBT several contact numbers if you'd like to help Jerry Dees and his family.

Those phone numbers are 662-571-4104, 662-571-5674, or 662-746-8897. 


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