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Highway Patrol: Tiger only had a fat lip

FLORIDA (NBC) - Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol have confirmed they met with golfer Tiger Woods on December 1st to deliver a traffic citation and that there were no visible facial injuries.

The FHP says they first met with Tiger Woods face to face December 1st, just a few days after his accident. At an undisclosed location in Orlando, two FHP captains and the investigating trooper delivered Woods' traffic ticket.

With attorney at his side, FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes says Woods was polite, said "Yes sir," made no other small talk and signed the ticket. But more importantly, Montes says her officer saw only a fat lip on Tiger's face, no other injuries and no reason to believe he was the victim of domestic violence.

Montes says Woods' injuries are consistent with not wearing a seat belt and during the accident hitting the steering wheel. This would appear to refute a widely circulated on-line account of a violent clash between woods and his wife Elin, first published by an Atlanta sports writer.

According to that account, Elin woods struck her husband in the face with a golf club causing her husband to fly to Phoenix to have plastic surgery on the gash left in his face.

According to Sgt. Montes, all these rumors of these injuries are false. And had Woods suffered additional scratches or cuts to his face, Montes says, we would have noticed it.

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