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People are the Jackson area look forward to 2010

RANKIN COUNTY, MS -- For 2010, it's a new year and a new decade. For some people around the Jackson area, they're hoping to put 2009 behind, and look forward to 2010.

Restaurant server, Effie Sofikitis says her husband is serving in Iraq. She has two children at home and they're waiting for him to get back from his tour of duty in March.  

"It takes somebody strong and I have to be strong to show my children that it's okay that daddy will come home," Sofikitis said.

Sofikitis also says she'll continue in 2010 teaching her children the valuable lesson of working hard and having patience.

"I'm just trying to teach my kids that patience does pay off. And if you work for something it's going to pay off in the end," Sofikitis said.

For 2009, it was struck with an economic downturn, talks of layoff, and a proposed health care reform bill. All issues that are affecting everyday people from the Jackson area.

For restaurant hostess, Christine Minor she says 2009 was hard and looks forward to a better future for 2010.

"I've been having to work two jobs to make ends meet to make up for rent for just one months. It's kinda hard," Minor said.

Meanwhile, others have had more prosperity, and wish good fortune for those who haven't.

"We had a good year last year and we want to have another good year this year. A lot of people didn't and I'm wishing for them to have a good year," Hal Mardis said while eating lunch with his family.

Anesthesiologist student Bradley Coker is excited about 2010. He has two years left of school, and is extremely interested in topics of health care.

"I'm pretty excited, but now since the health care field is going to change. It's going to be a drastic change in the near future," Coker said.

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