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2010 hoped to be more prosperous

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  Effie  Sofikitis works hard. She has two children at home and a husband in Iraq. 

 "It takes somebody strong and I have to be strong to show my children that it's okay that daddy will come home," Sofikitis said.

Her husband was sent off in May in the Mississippi National Guard 155th Infantry and in March  he'll be home again, but for now she's waiting for that phone call.

"I'm waiting any day I'm just excited. I did get to hear from him right after Christmas, but they were going out on another mission," Sofikitis added.

2009 was struck with an economic downtown, talks of layoffs, health care reform, every day people affected by everyday issues. And for 2010 some are hoping for a better outlook.

"I've been having to work two jobs to make ends meet to make up for rent for just one months, it's kinda hard," said Christine Minor.

Other's, like Hal Mardis  had a welcome goodbye for 2009, spending time with family is a top priority. All in all  he's had good fortune and wishes the same for others.

Mardis said, "We had a good year last year and we want to have another good year this year. A lot of people didn't and I'm wishing for them to have a good year."

Meanwhile anesthesiologist student Bradley Coker is excited about his future. With starting in the workforce in two years  his main concern is all about health care.

"I'm pretty excited, but now since the health care field is going to change, it's going to be a drastic change in the near future.

As for Effie she's just hoping to teach her kids a valuable lesson for the new year, with hopes of having her family together once again.

"I'm just trying to teach my kids that patience does pay off, and if you work for something it's going to pay off in the end," Sofikitis added.

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