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Former clerks admit to embezzlement

 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Two former clerks have pleaded guilty in separate cases to embezzling over $10,000.

The State Auditor's office says 34-year-old Michelle Sharpley, the former municipal court clerk in Taylorsville, pled guilty to embezzling over $6,000 during a nine-month period from the Taylorsville Utility District.

Sharpley was ordered to nearly $6,500 dollars in restitution to the town and over $3,000 dollars to the State Auditor's office for investigative fees.

Sharpley was also ordered to pay $340.50 in court costs and assessments. She received five years probation.

36-year-old Bridget Lark, the former deputy circuit clerk in Tate County, admitted to not depositing or receipting funds from county marriage license fees.

Lark must pay more than $5,000 to the county and almost $2,500  to the State Auditor's office. 

She must also pay of a fine of $500, a payment of $100 to the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund and $461.74 in court costs and assessments.

Lark has already paid $950 towards her restitution to Tate County. The Court withheld acceptance of the plea for five years.

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