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"Chuck" is back on NBC

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After sweating out a last second renewal last spring, NBC's action comedy "Chuck" returns this weekend with a two hour premiere Sunday night. It's a series that's undergoing some change.

When viewers first met Chuck, he was a nerd who accidentally downloaded a data base of government secrets into his brain. At the end of last season, Chuck did it again. This time on purpose. To beat the bad guys. But this time, he downloaded than just information.

"This new intersect is loaded with new physical abilities," said the series' title star, Zachary Levi. "They only last for a little bit of time." But a little can go a long way. "It's almost like a caterpillar," said Levi, "If you'll go with me, to a butterfly." Make that a much bolder butterfly.

"Chuck is more of a superstar with this computer in his head," said series co-star Yvonne Strahovsky, who plays Chuck's love interest and fellow spy, Sara, "But he's also more dangerous. He's more risky." And that newly found bravado can still get Chuck in trouble.

"Casey now wants Chuck to be a real spy," said another series co-star Adam Baldwin, who play agent Casey. "He's doing the best he can to train him." Which means much more action for the show's star.

"You want it to look good," said Levi, "Don't want it to look like some giant wet noodle. Like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Take that bad guy."

Chuck's transformation starts Sunday night with a two hour season premiere before returning to its usual Monday night 8pm time slot the next night.

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