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Dealing with the cold, outdoors and indoors

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - An MDOT crew is trying not to turn to ice while trying to prevent more ice from forming on Kickapoo Road at Highway 49.  "It's been cold, but not this cold,"says maintenance technician Michael Haymer.  "Not sure where the water's coming from. It's just steadily going on the road, freezing. As you know, that can cause a problem," he says.

The workers' gloves are getting stiff from the water.  "I have gloves but they're cold, so I keep my hands down in my pockets," Haymer says.

It's the same for Darius Arnold, a Flowood firefighter who also works for Great Southern Events.  Friday morning, he ran indoors and outdoors at the Jackson Convention Complex, setting up a bridal show for the weekend.  "We've been out here since about 8:30 this morning. The metal on the truck, it's very cold," he says.  "I have on 4-5 layers right now. You can prepare, when it gets hot you can shell it off."

Jackson Public Works crews had to work through the cold dealing with a broken water line at North State Street and Patton. Water spewed out, quickly turning to ice and forcing the closure of the street.

Heater repairmen are in high demand. We caught up with William Tucker of Tucker Heating & A/C as he answered a call for an electric heating system on the skids in a Byram home. He discovers the coils need replacing.  "If those coils open up, it cannot generate heat," Tucker says. 

The frigid weather has given him plenty of overtime. "Averaging about 12 calls per day, we catch between 8 and 10 per day. "I'm out about 7:30 in the morning, don't make it home until 12 midnight pretty much. Been that way for the last couple of weeks," he says 

Tucker recommends you change your air filter every 30 days, and schedule regular maintainence to make sure dust and debris is not building up.

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