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Protecting your vehicle in subfreezing temperatures

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In sub-freezing temperatures the last place motorists want to find themselves is on the side of the road in a broken down vehicle. 

"The cold really is hard on an engine just like the extreme heat is and really things start acting up when it's cold outside," said Car Care Clinic General Manager Bob Tewes.

Mechanics at the Car Care Clinic in Ridgeland said batteries lose life in frigid weather.  They are seeing an increasing number of customers needing new batteries installed.  Other car parts are sensitive to the freezing temperatures too.  "Rubber gets hard, belts and stuff like that.   Wiper blades don't work so good and tires," said Tewes.

It's best to check all your fluid levels, oil and anti-freeze especially, but only when the engine is cool.

"This is the radiator reservoir right here," said Tewes pointing to the reservoir near the engine. "This is where you really want to check the anti-freeze because if you check the engine when it's hot it expands like boiling water," said Tewes.

Car Care Clinic will perform a 28 point inspection on any vehicle free of charge.

"I don't need my truck dying on me at 4:30 in the morning when it's cold," said Kent Maddox, a customer at Car Care Clinic.  "They had this arctic blast come down so I figure I'll have them check my tire and anti freeze, get my oil changed."

Once you do hit the road watch out for ice.  Broken water lines made a slick mess for public works crews on North State Street and Patton Avenue and on Kickapoo Road at Highway 49 in Jackson Friday afternoon.

Experts also suggest keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle with some extra food and extra clothing in case you get stranded.  

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