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WLBT's broadcast signal gets an upgrade

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By Bert Case - bio | email

This coming Thursday WLBT will make a big switch from digital channel 7 to digital channel 30. It means a much more powerful signal from our tower near Raymond; a signal that will travel a greater distance.

Last month a new 59 foot long channel 30 broadcast antenna was hoisted to the top of our 1,875 foot tower near Raymond. It is being attached to a new half million watt transmitter.

WLBT will move to channel 30 digital at 10 a.m. Thursday.

"People on satellite and cable, will not see any difference" said WLBT General Manager Dan Modisett. "If you have an HD set or a converter box, you will have to rescan, just like you did on June 12th on whenever you got your set. It is set up and it should click right back on and WLBT should come in loud and clear."

It means that some people who had trouble with our signal after the switch to digital should get us loud and clear. The transmitting antenna is being moved from here in the middle of our tower, to the top.

If you know somebody who has had trouble with the WLBT signal tell them to try again after Thursday.

It also means some new capability for WLBT.

"We also are preparing for the future, for everyone being able to see WLBT over their mobile devices" added Modisett. 

WLBT will be from transmitting from the 1875 foot level of the tower. That's 700 feet higher.

The output goes from 10,000 watts digital to 500,000 watts.

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