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Jackson businesses cope during water crisis

By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Despite a lack of water, many Jackson businesses were going to great lengths and expense to stay open Tuesday.

Day two of the city's water crisis found businesses scrambling to accommodate customers and employees.

Many companies are monitoring the city's repair progress hoping things will soon get back to normal.

The capital city's water crisis brought new additions to the downtown landscape.

Portable rest rooms could be seen on many city sidewalks.

Thousands of downtown employees arrived at work and found no running water.

Christie Case of Brookhaven is one of the workers who tried to cope Tuesday.

"It's been hard. We were supplied with some water bottles this morning to drink so that was ok, but going to the bathroom there was just no issue. That's all we were supplied with down there, two portajohns."

AT&T, which employees about 600 downtown workers, went into emergency mode to continue service.

Their cooling towers must keep sensitive equipment at specific temperatures and humidity levels.

"We had two reserve tanks in place and that was enough to keep us going until we were able to get the water tanks brought in from other locations. We have about 22,000 gallons that we have that we've been using today. We're gonna get another tanker coming and that's gonna keep the water supply constant," said AT&T spokesman Mike Walker.

Meanwhile the second day of the water crisis put a strain on restaurants.

"We went and bought 30 gallons of water from Walmart this morning. Tonight we're just gonna boil some water and clean up. That's the best we can do right now," said Domino's General Manager Felicia Woods of her State Street location.

Fortunately she said the pizza dough and other ingredients come pre-made.

The business will only need bottled water for the sauce.

Employees have been using rest rooms off site, although they have hand sanitizers, bleach and water for the rest rooms.

Some restaurants are open but not offering water.

Restaurant owner Jeff Good, was forced to close all three of his locations Broadstreet Baking Company and Cafe, Bravo and Sal & Mookies.

With no water pressure he's watching hour by hour to see when service will be restored.

We're working diligently to protect public health and keep the restaurants open," said Mississippi Restaurant Association Executive Director Mike Cashion."

According to the Mississippi Restaurant Association, the city's roughly 250 eateries must provide the State Health Department with a written report on the protocol used to remain opened and provide a clean restaurant and bathrooms.

"A lot of the restaurants that we've talked to just said it's just too much work to try to stay open to be compliant. They're just voluntarily closing, and that's gonna have an impact on employees as well," added Cashion.

Each day without water makes it more difficult for businesses to operate.

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. said so far there have been 106 water main breaks.

Sixty seven 67 had been repaired by Tuesday.

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