Pressure returns, water problems subsiding - - Jackson, MS

Pressure returns, water problems subsiding

By David Kenney - bio | email

The city of Jackson says full water pressure is returning to much of the city, but were still at least a couple days away from drinkable water.

Pressure at Jackson's two water treatment plants has reached a normal level.

Crews are still busy repairing broken lines, but they've been able to keep the breaks down to a minimum.  Each repair is now taking about an hour.

The boil water notice is still in effect. This morning crews from the water treatment plant labs began collecting samples. The city is also flushing the system in some areas, making sure the water is free of contaminants.

"City crews go out and take 160 samples then they will provide those to the health department who will work to test those. We'll have to do that two days in a row, once we get 2 consecutive days of good results then we'll be able to lift that ban," says city spokesman Chris Mimms.

The city says they're monitoring the water pressure at pumps around the city.

They would not allow us to get video of the nerve center where that activity is located, because they said there is sensitive information there which could threaten homeland security.

There's a good chance the boil water notice could be lifted as early as Sunday.

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