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Radar for county sheriff's departments?

By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Every year in the Mississippi legislature, a bill gets proposed by lawmakers to allow county sheriff's departments in the state to have the authority to use radar guns.

Representative John Moore of Rankin and Simpson counties is in favor of this bill, and every year, he says it gets turned down.

"We have tried repeatedly to have the committees consider it and bring it to the floor so we can help our local law enforcement," Moore said.

Hinds Co. Sheriff Malcolm McMillin has been running the department for years now, and he stopped pushing for this bill a long time ago.

"Some will say that they're for it, and we need all the tools that every agency has," McMillin said. "They'll say that when it suits them to say that."

McMillin says more often than not, when accidents occur on the roadways it is because of speeding. He thinks if the departments can manage the speeding laws better through radar, then fewer deaths could be a result.

"If you're able to enforce the speeding laws, you can do something about the number of fatalities," McMillin said.

The Jackson Police Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol both have the authority to use radar guns in the. Moore says even if the House won't pass it for every county throughout the state, he would like for them to at least pass it for counties with denser populations.

"I know from being from Rankin County, we have a large population that live outside of the municipal areas, and there's no traffic control," Moore said.

In the meantime, Sheriff McMillin says certain roads in the south part of Hinds County have posed problems with speeders in the past.

"People who live on Siwell Road in Hinds County will tell you in a heartbeat that we need to enforce the traffic laws there," McMillin said.

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