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Truck, train collision has focus on train safety

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SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The truck was headed southwest on the Saratoga-Sharon Road, a busy road that connects state Highway 28 with U.S. Highway 49 east of Magee.

It collided with a Canadian National train on a track that runs to Taylorsville. Thresa Wilson lives nearby, heard the collision and went to the scene to try to comfort Sharlene Sullivan, who later died from injuries suffered in the accident.

Wilson called WLBT and asked for our help in getting blinking lights at least, at the dangerous intersection.

"We need some kind of warning system, here so that nobody else loses their life. It was a young man, high school senior, lost his life the other night and we don't want that. Nobody should lose their life because there is no warning signs," Wilson said.

Freddie Sullivan also lives nearby and hopes he can get a better warning system at the intersection.

"We need some lights, if we could just get some lights, and cross bars maybe to go down," Sullivan added.

We now know of at least three deaths at the intersection since 1990. Sullivan says there was another many years ago. Decisions about warning lights and cross arms at crossings are made by the railroad and the department of transportation, both of which were unavailable for comment Friday.

This an old logging railroad that goes to Taylorsville. We are told at least one train a day goes through this intersection, sometimes two.

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