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MC Law student anxiously awaited word from parents in Haiti

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By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Eight days ago Haiti was rocked by a catastrophic earthquake.

The past days have been agonizing for a Mississippi College Law School student who was unable to get in touch with family there.

M.C. Law student Karen Nazaire went a week without knowing if her Haitian born parents, Minister Carl and Marie Nazaire who were visiting the country, were still alive.

The Jersey City, New Jersey residents went to Tabar a small village outside Port-Au-Prince to see family on January ninth.

The missionaries last traveled to Haiti in December.

They purchased land there to build a retirement home.

Karen finally heard from her parents Tuesday, seven days after the quake.

"I was like 'Daddy, mom how are you? How are you doing?' And they were like they're fine because they were staying with my uncle."

Tuesday's 10 a.m. call was brief, but she learned what they had experienced.

"They told me that my uncle's house that they were staying in had some damage, but not nearly the devastation that we had seen on TV with those other places. I actually have a cousin, who's my uncle's child, who was hit by a falling brick, and she's in the hospital. She's about five or six," said Nazaire.

When the earthquake hit, the second year law student was in Baton Rouge.

"I was running a mock trial competition for the southern region of the Black Law Student Association. So my sister called me frantic crying and telling me what had happened."

The first generation born American last visited Haiti in 2004 and did not recognize many of the places seen on television.

But after several days of not hearing from her parents, she could no longer bear watching news coverage.

Her younger sister and brother still live in New Jersey and were in constant communication and prayer.

"We couldn't get through. The phone lines were down. The news wasn't positive. It was just there's an earthquake, there's a lot of devastation and we just didn't know what situation they were in," added the New Jersey native.

But the call from her parents brought relief.

Good news which she shared with friends and supporters like Mississippi College Law School Dean Jim Rosenblatt who is raising money through an email campaign.

M.C.'s Black Law Students Association is also raising funds.

Nazaire remains hopeful after hearing news of Wednesday morning's 6.1 aftershock.

"Watching the news and hearing more aftershocks it only makes your mind race and think negative things. So it was better just like everyone was saying just to pray and put our faith in God." 

She is grateful for all the assistance the country is receiving.

Nazaire hopes to hear from her parents again Wednesday night.

They are scheduled to leave Haiti Saturday through the Dominican Republic to return to their home in New Jersey.

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