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West Jackson businesses clean up after heavy overnight rain

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Some business owners got an unpleasant surprise Thursday morning.  Their shops on Upton Drive off Northside Drive in west Jackson were coated with a thick layer of water and mud. 

Ron Williams started his Thursday morning using fans and brooms to clear the mud and water from his Speed Parts and Machine business.

"It's a mess to clean up and a lot of this equipment is too heavy to clean under," said Williams.

Next door Eric Jamison and his staff were cleaning up too.  "We started this morning about 9:00 am, and I don't think we'll be out of here until 6:30 to 7:00 this evening."

Nearby Dr. Corbin McGriff tried to salvage water-soaked papers.  "It's an inconvenience because it has flooded a lot of our engineering files that were on the floor," said McGriff.

Some said a creek is to blame.  The creek overflowed its banks during the overnight rain.  Williams believes the culverts were not big enough to manage all the water.

"They say the smaller culverts they put in from an engineering standpoint should handle the water.  Well, they are wrong," said Williams.

These business owners want to see city officials come out and examine the current drainage design so they will not have to clean up another mess like this.

"This area is going to need a comprehensive storm water plan.  It is going to have to make a determination of which watershed area is draining to this particular spot," said McGriff.

WLBT contacted Chris Mimms with the city of Jackson.  He said a crew will be sent to Upton Drive to see if there are any obstructions.

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