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Residents say city won't fix flooded street

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By David Kenney - bio | email

A north Jackson street is partially underwater tonight concerning many residents in the area. Residents first started noticing the problem two days ago, and began contacting city officials immediately.

So far, no response.

Residents first thought this leak was due to the freezing temperatures last week, but today we found out it's not.

People living on Sheffield Drive say they've made repeated calls to city officials, but have not been able to get any help. The flooded street is located in the middle of Sheffield Drive between Old Canton Road, and Ridgewood Road.

The water is nearly a foot deep in some parts. Cars have to slow down to a crawl. Residents say only one car can pass at a time which causes problems for all the traffic going to and from Jackson Academy.

We talked to one homeowner who showed us a clogged storm drain in front of her home that is causing the water not to go down. We also found the source of the problem, on this lot where crews were clearing trees. Water was bubbling up from under a tree stump they apparently tried to cut down, and ruptured a water line.

"The residents have called trying to get the drains unclogged cause every time it rains it will break up like this and nothing was done, we didn't realize the water main down there had broken and that's what this water was," said Patty Langley whose mother lives on the street.

 Residents say for two days they've called the water and sewer department and the Mayor's action line trying to get help. So far no one has come to unclog the storm drains.

The only city workers we saw on the street were meter readers, who had to shovel out water just to see the numbers of the meters.

We called the city today and they said they would notify the water department.  Residents say they'll call us when they arrive to fix it.

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