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Hinds 4-H teens win national championship

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - 4-H members Robin Soigner, Alison Guider, Taylor King, and Joanna King just earned a jaw dropping achievement in the equestrian world. Earlier this month, they won the National Western Stock Show horse judging contest in Denver, Colorado, beating out about 20 other teams from the United States and Canada.

"It's basically the national level of the horse judging," says 18-year-old Taylor, of Bentonia.

The judges must scrutinize a horse's muscle, structure, balance and performance.

"You tell the judge, this is why I placed this class. Then he's going to judge you on if you got it right, got the placings right, how you speak," says Robyn, of Raymond.

After judging, the girls had to defend their answers using the correct terminology. They've been practicing for a long time with help from coaches, and working together as a team.

"You have people good at one thing, not as good at the other. So we just worked together, tried to help each other get better at what we're not too great at," says Alison, of Utica.

Volunteer coach Greg Williams, who traveled with them to Colorado, says words can't describe the feeling of accomplishment that the girls will be able to carry with them from now on.

"They've traveled lots of miles, looked at lots of horses.  They'll do anything you ask them to do. It was great," Williams says.

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