Mayor Johnson speaks to city council about water crisis - - Jackson, MS

Mayor Johnson speaks to city council about water crisis

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson's water is now safe to drink for all residents, but the city's water system still needs help.  Mayor Harvey Johnson addressed the city council  Monday and walked through every step his administration took during the water crisis.

It began with the boil water alert issued for the well water system on January 8th.  The crisis ended Sunday January 24th when that notice was finally lifted.  The mayor fielded questions from council members, but there is still a lot of information Johnson's staff has to compile including how much this crisis cost the city.  Mayor Johnson is hopeful the capital city will get money from the state government to repair its water system.

"It's very important not only to local users, but also the state government and the federal government that our system is in good repair.  I think that is the kind of attitude or kind of sense that the legislation right now.  We're going to see if that moves forward.  I'm told by the local delegation that he will be introducing a bill that brings us some relief that's why we passed the resolution today," said Mayor Johnson.

The mayor told the council he will present maps of the breaks and more information about the crisis next week.

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