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Irby's mental and physical condition called into question

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Attorneys representing the families of two doctors killed in a fiery car crash last February are asking that Stuart Irby be ordered to submit to a mental and physical examination. 

In the latest filing, they also want the court to order the Jackson businessman to make himself available for a deposition. 

Irby claims he can't remember any of the events of the crash. 

Irby's attorneys filed a motion to quash the January 18th video deposition in the civil case. 

In the motion, Irby's neuropsychologist states he has high blood pressure and tachycardia; conditions she claims could place him at risk for stroke or cardiac arrest if he was deposed. 

Irby was recently involved in another vehicle accident while driving. 

The plaintiffs challenge whether Irby should have been driving and whether his injury are as severe as reported last fall. 

His wife, Karen Irby, faces felony charges in the deaths of the physicians. 

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