Government services to help the poor in Mississippi - - Jackson, MS

Government services to help the poor in Mississippi

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JACKSON, MS -- Government state government agencies are working together with Mississippi lawmakers to come together to help the poor in the state.

Deputy Administrator for the Dept. of Human Services, Richard Berry said they've seen more people coming in to use their services.

"We've seen a lot of people in our offices that we've never seen before, or ever thought that they'd be into a public assistance office," Berry said.

Chairman of the Mississippi select Committee on Poverty, Reecy Dickson says their trying to reduce poverty with better out reach methods in the community.

 "This is an effort to rally around the basic needs that Mississippi has and reducing poverty," Dickson said.

"The ideas that this committee is taking up actually came from public hearings that were held across the state in the past couple of years," said Representative Dirk Dedeaux.

Their main focus is to help Mississippi to get more jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. In addition, they want to tackle Mississippi infant mortality rate. As well as spread the importance of education regardless of an individuals background.

"Individuals in the state of Mississippi that have been a part of Mississippi all of their life do not realize also that poverty is the number one problem that exists," Chairman Dickson said.



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