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Parents complain of constant fights at Port Gibson High School

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

PORT GIBSON, MS (WLBT) - Another day, another brawl at Port Gibson High School in Claiborne County. It's hard to tell who is who in the battle that was caught on tape Monday, right when the school day ended.  But 16-year-old Racque West ended up with a broken hand.

"I just got back in school.  I didn't want to be kicked out. (The other students) told me I was gonna fight," West says.

Hester Martin is his mom.  "They need more security at that school than they have," she says.  "They need to do something at the Claiborne County School District."

Cynthia McBride walked us straight into the hospital room of her son, 18-year-old James Barnett, who graduated last year. McBride says on Saturday a current student beat Barnett with brass knuckles off school grounds, and has been bragging about it on school grounds.

"He's doing threats. They're calling him the jaw breaker at the school," McBride says, adding that the offender spent only one night in jail.  

"He's charged with aggravated assault. I want this issue pushed as far as I can get it," she says.

Joyce Hyder has gotten a taste of all the bullying too. "They are constantly picking, harassing my child, everywhere he goes, everywhere he walks," she tells us.  "I have called the Superintendent and she refuses to return phone calls."

To a reporter, the names and the blame run together after a while. But the words stand out: Fights. Injuries. Security concerns.

A meeting was called at the Superintendent's Office Friday afternoon between Superintendent Annie Kilcrease, Sheriff Frank Davis, and the parents. 3 On Your Side planned to sit in, but we were promptly told to leave.  We stood our ground.

When Sheriff Davis arrived, he quietly asked our news crew to cooperate because some of the children were present, and we left. 

After the meeting, Hyder told us that all of the children involved in the Monday scuffle who were suspended were permitted to return to school next week.  It's unclear if any of the security concerns were addressed in the meeting.

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