Pseudoephedrine could become illegal without a prescription - - Jackson, MS

Pseudoephedrine could become illegal without a prescription

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Lawmakers met once again to discuss the controversial pseudoephedrine bill that would make purchasing products with this ingredient in them illegal without a prescription.

This bill has been met with opposition from some pharmaceutical groups. Andrew Fish, senior vice president of Consumer Healthcare Products Association, says electronic means to control meth use is more efficient that using a prescription only method.

"Which basically records every sale that's made, blocks illegal sales and keeps a database that law enforcement can use," Fish said.

Fish says opting for prescription only for pseudoephedrine products could create more problems in the long run.

"Our concern is that if you put this product on prescription status only, you'll actually lose control of sales," Fish said.

Pharmacist Ryan Harper of Brandon Discount Drugs supports this legislation and says other products are used in drugs like Sudafed to suffice for the lack of pseudoephedrine.

"We have plenty of alternatives, over the counter decongestants like phenlyephrine, there's also nasal decongestants and sprays people can use for a short period of time," Harper said.

Harper says he's not entirely sure electronic tracking would work, but he says something should get passed in the meantime to help stop this growing problem in the state.

 "With methamphetimine becoming such an epidemic right now in Mississippi this would certainly curtail the availability of it to be made into the crystal meth," Harper said.

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