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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Washington Addition

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  A frustrated West Jackson resident called WLBT with a disturbing tale of drugs and prostitution in and around her street. The caller, who asked not to be identified, says the problem is on Washington Avenue and Barrett Avenue in the shadow of Jackson State University and they are not getting the help they need from Jackson police.

So, she asked Three On Your Side to get involved. Washington and Barrett Avenues look peaceful enough...relatively quiet...school kids playing in the street…but some of the residents here say looks can be deceiving. A caller who lives here told us that drugs and prostitution have quote, "gone wild", in this neighborhood and sick and elderly people live here.

They say they've called police numerous times, but no response. It's a topic that often comes up at neighborhood association meetings like this.

Blonda Mack is president of the Washington Addition Neighborhood Association. She says she patrols the streets of her community daily.

And she says, "It's shop as usual…and a lot of things goes on in my neighborhood is people from other ends of town coming in my neighborhood."

 A man who grew up on Barrett Avenue and has always lived here agreed to talk to WLBT if we would not identify him. He says he is concerned over the safety of his family. 

 Asked if he has seen rampant drug dealing and prostitution on the streets in his neighborhood, he said, "Yes, I have. I mean, it's everywhere. I mean anytime, anyplace, I mean it's going on right now. You just got to know the right  thing to look for. If you're familiar with the area, you'll know."

The man says there is a police presence, but, he says "When they come through, they'll stop for a minute and soon as they're gone, they'll start right back to doing what they always doing. There's gotta be some way to...I don't think the law can do anything about it. I think it's the neighborhood; people in the neighborhood gonna have to really do something about the problem."

Blonda Mack said, "I would like to see the police do their job and if their job is to be out here in these streets cleaning up drugs and prostitution, they need to get at their business. So, it's still a problem? Yes, it is."

Joseph Daughtry is public information officer for the Jackson Police Department. He says anytime a citizen doesn't feel they are getting the response they request or desire, their precinct commander should be contacted.

Said Daughtry,  "We have 480 officers that are out here very diligently working hard trying to take care of the citizens of Jackson and also to give them the quality of life they deserve and we just need their assistance. If something  that we've overlooked or whatever, we need your help. we need your input to contact us."  

Officer Daughtry says you can also call the mayor's drug line at 601-960-0025 to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. WLBT will keep you posted.

We'd like to help you take back your neighborhood. Or, if you've already turned around your community, we want to know how you did it. Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com.


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