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Burglars hit several Madison County homes

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Madison County law officers are on the hunt for a burglar who has burglarized several homes.

The first break in was reported two months ago.

The thief or thieves have hit homes in three different Madison County subdivisions, and surprisingly they weren't spotted.

They've also gotten away with some large big ticket items.

As night fell on the Lake Caroline area residents inside their homes opened emails alerting them to recent break-ins that happened in their subdivision as well as those in Madison and Ridgeland.

Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge confirms investigations of five home burglaries from December third through January 22nd.

The suspect kicked in the doors of homes and took flat screen televisions, guns and other items.

"I think everybody's getting emails to start watching different activity going on," said Lake Caroline resident Jack Webb.

Webb has lived in the subdivision for 10 years.

"There were three or four break ins in other neighborhoods around here that seemed to have the same problems. So all the neighbors are kinda looking out more," added Webb.

According to the sheriff, three break-ins were reported at Lake Caroline with one each in the Bainbridge and the Devlin Springs subdivisions.

"We were blanketing the subdivisions with unmarked cars. We believe the suspect pulled up to a house where the driveway goes to the front door. So far we have nothing to go on," Trowbridge said.

"What we're trying to do is get the word out to as many people as possible," said Al Sage, president of the Federation of Madison County Homeowners Associations.

Sage is reaching out to the more than 15,000 homeowners with the warning.

He has contacted association presidents and passed along the emails about the burglaries that have been scattered across the county.

"That's a pretty widespread area, so I think he's trying to make sure that he's not in the same area all the time. So that just means people need to be more on the lookout," said Sage.

Sheriff Trowbridge said a major problem is that no one has seen the thief or thieves.

Investigators have no vehicle description nor tag numbers.

He also said the neighbors haven't seen anything and because many really don't know each other, they wouldn't know if something was out of the ordinary.

That's another reason Sage said homeowners need to step up their security, always remember to set the burglar alarm, secure windows and re-enforce doors.

According to the Federation president there are more than 300 subdivisions in Madison county.

Sage said this is a good time for those residents to join their homeowners association and get to know their neighbors.

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